We’re always looking for people who aren’t afraid to think differently, like to get creative, and know that quality is what always matters. If you’re someone with a real passion for what you do, and the energy and enthusiasm to go further than anyone else thought was possible, we need to hear from you.

Your career with us will allow you to learn from experienced professionals if you’re gaining experience or share your knowledge if you’ve already worked in the industry. We believe that every idea and new approach is worth discussion, and always give you a platform to showcase the contribution you can make. From the day you join you’ll be a part of team that’s building communities and making an impact.

The GLM Culture

We pride ourselves on creating solutions which allow us to lead the industry by making a real difference to communities. The only way to make this happen is through the promotion and growth of our culture — one which welcomes new ideas, fresh approaches, and imagination at every stage of the process.

To ensure that you feel part of the team from day one you’ll be integrated into our organization, shown our open and creative culture, and given responsibility. We know from experience that this approach makes all the difference to our success, the success of every project, and your career prospects. It’s why we’ve embedded it deep into our culture so that we can come together and make a real difference in everything we do.



No matter who you are or where you are from, we provide chances to make a difference


Every aspect of our hiring and promotion process allows you to understand what we do


We celebrate diversity right across our team as it leads to new ideas and drives innovation 


We promise to keep you informed of progress and change, whether big or small


Our processes are designed to make everything simple and stress free for you


We strive to place you in a working environment that allows you to make a positive difference to the world


We’re committed to uniting the best and brightest so we can continue to lead the industry. If this is the kind of challenge you want to take on, we’re ready to hear from you.

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