9 reasons to trust CBFEM for steel connection design

Staying on the safe side is the core of the structural engineer’s work. He or she has to be sure the set of tools and methods helping him to solve engineering challenges is reliable.

We at IDEA StatiCa often face questions about our CBFEM method which gears the Steel application. And that’s perfectly OK, everybody has the right to doubt and we are ready to answer any question openly. 

So, why not to put on the table all the reasons why you can sleep peacefully when you incorporate IDEA StatiCa Steel into your daily projects. 

Reason 1 – Cooperation with universities

We work closely with numerous universities to test and verify IDEA StatiCa results to give you peace of mind that your designs are complete, accurate, and in accordance with major global design codes.

IDEA StatiCa Steel results are continuously checked and verified in close cooperation with two universities – Czech Technical University in Prague and Brno Technical University.  

In past years, there has been done a huge amount of testing in the CTU in Prague laboratories. Team of university assistants and PhD students under the lead of Prof. Frantisek Wald spent a few years of thorough comparison of steel joints live tests and calculations carried on in the IDEA StatiCa software. Thanks to this complex observation of real behaviour of various steel connections and details, IDEA StatiCa got even more improved to the nowadays shape.  Besides that, dozens of various projects, thesis and verification projects are being run on many universities worldwide.  Some of these institutions use IDEA StatiCa within their teaching schemes.