Why Investing in BIM is Worth It

Why investing in BIM is worth it

GA Smart Building’s Director of Research, Development and Innovation Rémi Visière has years of hands-on experience in leading the transition from traditional drawing-based workflows to a full BIM approach. This time, he’s discovered that the most important thing is to understand that BIM is not just a nice-to-have 3D tool, but a truly fantastic method for data-driven construction.

He believes the key to successful implementation is to focus on the team by providing a proper introduction and training to model-based processes, so that everyone understands the benefits. But, that’s not all. There are plenty of other reasons he thinks BIM is well worth the time and effort to implement. 

A truly improved working experience

“A full BIM workflow removes manual steps and replaces them with data-based automation. This makes traditional tasks not only more efficient, but also less prone to human error,” he says. “A visual model increases understanding, meaning that each stakeholder has a thorough picture of the construction.” 

He believes there are many benefits in the design phase as well.

“The main gain is having information available in a 3D model. Productivity increases when more detailed work can be done in a shorter time. Having an initial design that is as accurate and reliable as possible is then a huge benefit later on in the construction phase,” he says. 

In short, this means production teams are able to work without the fear of design errors, which helps keep everything on schedule and provides more flexibility to face the unexpected.